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Ivan Brush- Fuscia pink button edition

Ivan Brush- Fuscia pink button edition

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IVAN- I van brush or a home brush.

There's a story how the pink maple discs come about... I'm a joiner, cabinet maker & wood turner by trade, working for my pop's joinery business where i did my apprenticeship... so 30 yrs later i decided to make these so i could give my pops something special for his 75th birthday.. i knew he'd love one, plus i'm always the tea boy hahahaha, so to see how much he loved this brush is absolutely fantastic!

With so many climbers living out of their beloved vehicular homes what better way to keep your space sparkly... if no sparkles, it could cloud your climbing psyche mind!!!!

Using the same boars hair bristles as the rest of our brush family only difference being the hair is kept at its natural length.


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