Welcome to Sillygoat.

I’m Steve, there is only me… i guess i must be the boss, hilarious!!!

Basically i consider myself a climber, dad & wood worker of neat climbing inspired ideas…It’s a dangerous game to put them in a 1,2,3 order 🙂

I started Sillygoat holds in 2011 as a hobby really making climbing holds out of offcut oak bought from local joinery firms for local boulder gyms & home walls, i did this in my garage for a good many years, Not only filling the garage full of oak dust and shavings but the house too.Then came along the idea to have a go at making…….

Brushes…… Where do we start…

January 2018 when i made 6 test brushes, 5 were tested rigorously, 1 was not due to a (good friend treating it like a pet, basically over loving it, he knows who he is) so that left the other 5 to test for a whole year to asses that the bristle heads were as good as we suspected, they all lasted very well indeed…. meaning JACK THE LAD boulder brush with the the replaceable bristle head was born.

SG HQ….June 2018 started ground work on the new workshop. HQ as i know it was not finished for work and climbing in until July/August 2019 (it wouldn’t of been possible without my pops, father Pete, who grafted with me to get this built). 

*note- holds & brushes are still lovingly made using offcut oak bought from local joinery firms, just the same when i started with just holds in 2011!

If you don’t mind, when i have something interesting or sensible to write…. i will do so!

Sillygoat is run in a good honest, open & fair manner, you can message me on instagram if you have a sensible-ish question or just wanna say hi.